Does GNC Take Apple Pay in 2023? See How I Paid

A few days ago, I decided to start doing workouts and go to the gym. This decision was quite tough because I never went to the Gym, so I started asking my friends about weight gain tips; some of my friends have been doing gym for years.

Also, this was funny; when I asked them, they started taunting me; you! You have decided; really! You will go to the gym? Hahaha😅. 

I said, hmm! why? why not? Of course, I will. Jokes apart.

After asking several times, and talking for minutes, they told me that- “I must follow the diet suggested by my gym trainer; if I really want to gain weight.”

In the majority, my friends told me; the gym trainer may suggest taking a weight supplement, as I was looking to gain weight.

Does GNC Take Apple Pay
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I was pretty much sure about the workouts and finally made up my mind to go to the gym. So, I decided to do some research before going.

Not much, but I want to know what would be the diet and which type of supplements I have to take.

After spending hours and reading many fitness and health web pages, I collected some information. 

Many of those web pages were talking about GNC products, so I decided to purchase some for myself; still, I didn’t go to Gym. 

When I went to my nearby Gym, surprise; the Gym trainer said to me to purchase a Whey Protein from GNC. 

Not instantly but after coming home, I searched for that product on the GNC website, and luckily I got it there.


When I added it to the bag and went to make payment, what I saw- there was no option for Apple Pay. I researched and found that;

“GNC doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method at their stores and online, if you want to purchase items from their website, app, or store, you have to make payment using other payment methods rather than Apple Pay.”

This was sad, but there were several other methods that I could use. Let’s see them…

Which Payment Methods Does GNC Accept?

Which Payment Methods Does GNC Accept
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Besides Apple Pay, GNC does accept some other payment methods but has limited options.

So, I was sad for a moment because I wanted to purchase the item using my Apple Pay wallet.

One more shocking truth is- You can’t use your debit card for online payment at GNC.

“I found that GNC doesn’t have the option to make online payments via your Debit Card.”

So, which option does it have? 

Well, as valid payment options, GNC accepts Credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and GNC gift cards. A credit card could be Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay.

GNC takes precautions, and if your billing name and address don’t match that of the credit card used for payment, GNC has the right to cancel your order.

Note– You will be disappointed because PayPal will be unavailable to purchase back-ordered items, advance sale items, Pre-Order items, customized items, and items with a ship window greater than 20 days.

When will GNC start taking Apple Pay? Any Catchup?

When will GNC start taking Apple Pay
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Well, this is not cleared yet, but for now, GNC hasn’t included Apple Pay as one of its valid payment options.

I hope that they include it in the future.

Apple Pay is a payment method that could be easily accepted by almost all stores and online platforms. 

But unfortunately, there are such merchants/stores/shops like GNC who don’t accept it.  

So currently, there is no luck; Apple Pay payment isn’t possible for now, at the GNC, but maybe in the future- it will be.🤞

GNC Alternatives Who Take Apple Pay 

GNC Alternatives Who Take Apple Pay 
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Thinking about GNC alternatives that take Apple Pay? Right? 

Don’t worry, there are some, let’s see…

If you have made up your mind to make payment via Apple Pay, there are some stores like GNC that accept it.

Vitamin World

Vitamin World could be a good selection in place of GNC; if you are not willing to pay except for Apple Pay.

It has the same collection of proteins, vitamins, whey protein, etc as the GNC does.

So, if you haven’t an issue with the brand, you can go with it and yes, it does accept Apple Pay.

Vitamin Shoppe 

Vitamin Shoppe does accept or take Apple Pay as a payment method. So, if you are looking for an alternative to GNC taking Apple Pay, you can go with it.

It has a huge range of proteins, vitamins, whey protein, etc.

So, it could be your shop where you can get what you are looking for.

In a straight line, you could select Vitamin World or Vitamin Shoppe as the alternative to GNC, and the good news is both accept Apple Pay.

Ending Lines…

In the end, you know that the GNC doesn’t support Apple Pay to make payments.

While you can use other options such as your credit cards, PayPal, etc.

There are a few alternatives that accept Apple Pay. So if you want, you can go with them.

However, I made a purchase from GNC using my credit card, but I was heartily willing to use my Apple Pay wallet.

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Does GNC take AfterPay?

No, GNC doesn’t accept Afterpay payments. You can make payments using Credit cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and GNC gift cards.

Does GNC take cryptocurrency payments?

The answer is- “No”, no crypto payments are taken by GNC.

Does GNC ask for ID proof?

If you have visited a GNC store and don’t look like an adult, they will ask for your ID to ensure that you are above 18. On GNC online platforms, no ID is needed.

Can I purchase GNC products from Amazon?

Yes, Amazon is a giant eCommerce platform, it has GNC products to sell out, so yes, you can purchase GNC products from Amazon.

In fact, it has a lot of similar products too. You can explore here and select according to your choice. 

I would like to give a tip- 

“Amazon does accept Apple Pay, so you can buy GNC products from there and can easily pay using your Apple Pay wallet. But at Amazon, products could be limited as compared to GNC’s official website, so if your product is not listed on Amazon, you would have to go with the GNC payment options”

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