NFS Slang means on Instagram with Examples! [2023!]

This is the era of social media and there are a lot of apps or websites that help people keep connected to those who know.

There are millions of people who use some very popular platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or Instagram. 

To converse with their acquaintances, they sometimes use ‘slang’. These slangs have their meanings but some people don’t even know their meanings! Sometimes, a term or slang has a single meaning while sometimes, it has many. 

One very popular slang term is ‘NFS’, which is used by huge people while they use Instagram. In this article, you will understand the meaning of this slang. This term could be used in your captions, descriptions, or chat.  

Let’s understand what the NFS acronym means on Instagram. 

What does NFS mean on Instagram?
What does NFS mean on Instagram? Credit- Twitter.

NFS- No Filter Sunday 

On Instagram, NFS mainly stands for “No Filter Sunday.” Users use this acronym when they post something without any filter on Sunday, for example- #NoFilterSunday or #NFS. When you are texting, this term can be explained as “No Funny Sh*t.” It is another variant of NFS slang that could be used when you are serious about something.

NFS- Not for Sale

Instagram is not only being used by general people but businesses are also using this platform to make a connection with their customers. Businesses post their products and new launches on their Instagram handle. 

For businesses, NFS means “Not For Sale”. If businesses use NFS slang, it means they don’t want to sell that product, they are only sharing the photo for artistic purposes. Example- A new product is added, but currently, it is #NFS.

NFS- Nice Fu***ng Story

It is used in stories mostly! A person uses this slang when he finds his/her story amazing by any means. This slang tells that the person is much influenced by the story that he or she is published on his or her Instagram handle. Other persons can also use this slang when they are influenced by any story on Instagram, they can use the slang ‘NFS’ in the comment.

Example- Such an amazing pic bro, #NFS.

NFS- New Friends

According to the Urban Dictionary, sometimes, NFS means new friends. The slang is used when someone finds new friends and shares that pic on Instagram. Here NFS is typed as Nfs. N would be in upper case and ‘f’, and ‘s’ would be in lower case.

Example- An amazing day, I found #Nfs.

NFS- No Funny Stuff 

This is a way of telling others that the person doesn’t want any drama or nonsense in his/her life. People also use it to tell others that they are not interested in dating or hooking up with anyone. 

Example- My life is on another turn with #NFS #nofunnystuff.

NFS- No Filter Story

It shows that someone is confident and didn’t use any filters in the story. When someone uses this acronym in his/her story, this means he/she is confident in the photo or video that he/she is sharing on the Instagram story.

NFS- No Filter Squad 

Someone use this slang as a hashtag such as #nofiltersquad. This tells that the person didn’t use any filter in the photo or video. This is an indication of the confidence that the person is good-looking even when he/she doesn’t use any filter.

NFS- Not For Sure

This short form is generally used in reply. When someone replies to someone’s question, NFS means that the person is not sure about something or the person needs more time to think about that. 

There is a lot of talk on chat, and hence the use of slang is becoming more and more. These Slangs are short forms to tell a big thing.

NFS- Nice F***ing Shot

This acronym is used generally when someone gives a compliment for a photograph. This means the photographer has picked a great photograph. So overall, it is a compliment for someone’s photography skills.

NFS- National Food & Safety

Food industries used this term to show that they are up to date with the latest food safety regulations. 

Not Feeling Social- NFS

This is a way to say that you are not in the mood to talk to people. This is an indication that you want some peaceful time where no one tries to disturb you.

NFS- Need For Speed

Need For Speed is a popular game that has great popularity among the youth. If someone is playing the game or someone is a gamer and put a story or add an image or video to Instagram and write NFS, it means the ‘NFS’ is related to the Need For Speed Game!

Example- Hey buddy, playing #NFS.


The acronym “NFS” could be used for several situations and the meaning of this could also be different in each situation. So, to predict a single meaning of “NFS” wouldn’t be easy. It totally depends upon the context in which it is used!

Generally, on Instagram, NFS is used hugely to represent “No Filter Sunday”, “Not For Sale”, “New Friends”, “No F***ing Shit”, or “No F***ing Story.” However, there could be many other meanings of this slang, which could depend upon the context in which someone uses it.

You Would Love To Read These!

What does NFS mean from a girl?

Generally, teenagers (Mostly Girls) use NFS to say that they are not interested in dating or hooking up with anyone. The term expands as “No Funny Stuff.” So, if you are asking a girl to date or hook up and she is telling “NFS”, it means she is not interested in any date or hookups.

What does NFS mean on Wizz?

Wizz is an app like Hoop that is used to make new Snapchat friends meet and hook up, and if anyone tells “NFS” on Wizz, it means the person is not interested in any hookup. So generally, the “NFS” on Wizz means “No Funny Stuff.”

However, there could be other meanings of this slang depending upon the context, so first try to understand the context and then extract the meaning!

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