Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay in 2023? Here’s How I Pay

Want to buy furniture for your home and decided to go to Home Depot? Before you go, you really need to know what kind of payment they accept in 2023.

No doubt, Home Depot is a good place where you can get the furniture of your needs, but do they accept all types of payment; especially Apple Pay? 

I personally use almost all my home furniture that I bought from Home Depot, but when I was there and asked for payment, I faced some trouble. 

So, I decided to provide information according to my personal experience, hope! This will help you.

Almost 90% of retail stores accept Apple Pay; the official announcement says this. Now, the question is, does Home Depot do this?

“No” the Home Depot doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a valid payment option. They only accept cash, cheque, PayPal, or debit/credit card to make payments at their stores.

So, you know “Yes” or “No”, but do you know why; why does Home Depot not consider Apple Pay as a valid payment option?

What’s the reason why Home Depot doesn’t accept Apple Pay while others do?

Why Home Depot doesn't accept Apple Pay
Why Home Depot doesn’t accept Apple Pay?

Up until 2012, Home Depot used to accept payment through Apple Pay, then what happened suddenly and they stopped doing this?

The thing that happened was; they made a partnership with “PayPal” to allow users to make payments through.

PayPal and Apple Pay both provide payment services, so Home Depot decided on one of them and they selected “PayPal”.

Since Home Depot had dealt with PayPal, they were restricted to go with it and they stopped taking payment through Apple Pay, that’s it.

I think 🤔 the next question would be- what would be the payment method that I can use? I had the same question; when I was at the Home Depot store.

Which other payment methods does Home Depot take instead of Apple Pay?

When I asked this question at Home Depot, they told me the other methods that they take to complete the purchase. 


If you have sufficient cash to pay for your purchases, you can go with this; Home Depot takes this payment, as all take. But in my case; I didn’t put sufficient cash in my wallet, so this didn’t work for me.


As the first method had failed for me, they had asked me to go with a check.

Unfortunately, this method also failed for me as I didn’t have my checkbook either. 

Credit/Debit Card

As the above two methods had failed for me, I asked for another method and they told me; if I have my credit or debit card, I can use it. This answer made me feel happier; I had my cards with me. 

So, I went for this option, and finally! Completed my purchases.

Curiously, I asked- if anyone doesn’t have these three things; sufficient cash, check, and credit/debit card, what would be the other option for them? 

Then, the man at the counter told me to use PayPal.

So the other method that a person can use at Home Depot is PayPal.


When I asked- why they are not taking Apple Pay, I got the answer that Home Depot has made a partnership with PayPal; as I have mentioned above. Here, I got the exact reason for not accepting Apple pay.

How can I make a contactless payment at Home Depot?

How can I make a contactless payment at Home Depot
How can I make a contactless payment at Home Depot?

As Home Depot takes PayPal, you can use it to make a contactless payment. PayPal has a digital wallet; that you can use for your payment.

You have to do this;

Download and set up your account on PayPal.

Now, open the app and click on the “In Store” option.

Search for Home Depot and follow the further instructions to complete your payment.

“To make a contactless payment at Home Depot, the best way is using the PayPal scan feature; just scan the QR code at the Home Depot and complete the payment.”

Contactless payment is the best option for others; especially since the pandemic.

What are the Alternatives of Home Depot that accept Apple Pay as a payment method?

For people who are willing to make payment through Apple Pay only, here are some alternatives of Home Depot; try out these-

  • Ace Hardware
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Costco
  • Meijer
  • Best Buy
  • Target and many more.

When will Home Depot start accepting Apple Pay as a payment method?

Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?
Does Home Depot Accept Apple Pay?

Well, it is unclear though. This approach could change in the future, but for now, Home Depot does not take Apple Pay payments.

Contactless payment could easily be done by using the Home Depot website or PayPal. 

On their website, you can easily add your payment details and order furniture by making payments without visiting their store.

Ending Lines…

To buy furniture, Home Depot is a nice place, but remember, they don’t accept Apple Pay. You could pay there via cheque, cash, credit/debit card or you can use Paypal.

To go with contactless payment, you can use PayPal or can directly order from the Home Depot website.

Some Questions Asked by People 

Does Home Depot accept mobile pay?

A big “Yes”, Home Depot accepts Mobile Pay. 

How can I Make Online Payments at Home Depot?

Online payment could be done via the Home Depot website or app; add your payment details and pay for your order. 

This is a good option when you don’t want to visit their store and want to deliver your furniture to your doorstep.

Does Home Depot provide its own credit card? What are the benefits of that?

“Yes”, Home Depot provides their own credit card that could be used the same as your bank credit card, but at their stores only.

In fact, you get extra benefits such as special deals and perks when you use their credit card.

Does Home Depot do Auto Pay?

“Yes” it does, but you have to set up autopay for your Home Depot® Credit Card from your online banking account.

Does Home Depot accept Afterpay Payment?

Unfortunately, “No”, Home Depot does not accept Afterpay Payment. You have to go with- cash, credit/debit card, cheque, or PayPal. Also, you can use Home Depot credit cards. 

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