Is Screambox Not Working? These Steps Helped Me.

Wait! Think! You are in the mood to watch some scary movies and you try to open Screambox on your device, but it is not working; it will be a sad moment.

I usually don’t like to watch scary movies, but I opened Screambox to watch “Terrifier”, one of the scariest movies; nothing was working. Believe me, I had no idea why? 

When I searched on the internet, I found approximately nothing that can answer me. So, I applied some steps myself; some of them helped me. 

So, I made my choice to list those steps here, right in this article. I didn’t stop, started digging the internet for more information, and have found some other steps too. 

Let’s see what causes I have found over there.

Why is Screambox not working; when I am trying to watch something on it?

Screambox Not Working
Why Screambox is Not Working?

Well, the exact question was mine; when I decided to watch a movie on it. But, as I have spent hours, I have managed to know the causes. Since the issue is not specific, the causes could be many.

If Screambox is not working, is stuck in the middle, freezing or crashing then, you have to admit that there is a problem from the Screambox end; majorly. Additionally, your internet, a VPN, an outdated internet driver, and corrupted browser cache & cookies data could be considered as a cause.

All good? I hope, “Yes”.

Good, let’s jump to the action that you can try as I did, and get your streaming back. 

What should you do; if you are unable to stream content on Screambox?

You should try these activities;

First of all, you should move toward your internet connection and verify whether it is stable and proficient or not. Here; proficiency has meant that your internet connection has a good speed or not. 

Second, you could head on toward the server issues that could happen from the Screambox end.

Some other steps that I dug are going to be mentioned below, but in detail, so that you could understand better.

I barely think that these could be the cause, but yes, these were for many people; so could for you, too.

Take a Restart 

Well, I had done it, but it was not any help to me. I restarted all my devices that were necessary to watch movies on Screambox; my computer, and my internet device, also refreshed the browser too.

However, while I was researching the cause, I found- for some users; it was a trick.

So, try to restart your devices and see if this help.

I think the restarting steps are very simple, and you already know.

But, I would like to add on some other trick; power cycle your device.

This could barely be tough for people; just unplug all your devices (Your TV, Laptop, Router) from the power plug and each other. Leave them for 5 minutes without touching them, and connect them all to the power source and each other as they were before.

If this fails, take another dive, and move forward to the next step.

Clear Your Browser Cache & Cookies Data

This was my magic step; clearing my browser cache & cookies data solved my issues. When I was stuck, I applied this, and the issue was gone when I opened the Screambox again.

Hurrah! I had gotten the way. Now, it’s your turn, this will help you too; if there is an issue with your browser cache & cookies data.

To do this on your chrome browser,

  1. Click on the vertical lines with dots. Now, go to “More Tools”, after that, click on “Clear Browsing Data…” shown in the image clearly. 
Clear Your Browser Cache & Cookies Data
Clear Your Browser Cache & Cookies Data
  1. Now, select the time range, I was selected for “All Time”, and would suggest you do the same. Check the boxes and click on Clear Data and refresh the browser.
Clear Data and refresh the browser
Select time and Clear Data and refresh the browser
  1. Relaunch the Screambox and enjoy your movie.

Check Server Status

If your internet is good and stable and you have cleared your browser cache & cookies data; no help has been gotten, there might be a server issue with the Screambox.

High traffic or some maintenance work could be responsible for server issues, so check if there is any downtime with the Screambox server. 

Chill out, it’s not your fault, developers will fix the issue and the servers will start working again; you just wait until.

My issue was resolved after clearing the cache, but one day, Screambox stuck suddenly. Then again, I cleared the browser cache; no help this time. 

This time, the server was the problem.

I checked the official Twitter page of Screambox, and there, they mentioned that due to some maintenance activities, the server might be shut down for some time. 

VPN Software 

It could be a problem and a solution, both. Triggered a question- Why? Because Screambox is country-specific; there are limitations on its content (Geographically).

Screambox is for only US people, so if you are trying to consume its content outside of the US, you need a strong VPN.

Here, it could be a solution but, in some cases when you’re in the US and use a VPN that is pointing to another country, it could be a problem.

The notable points:

If you live in the US, disable VPN and relaunch.

If you live outside of the US, use a strong VPN.

Check Update For your Internet Driver

If you haven’t updated drivers on your PC or device, it could cause problems. Internet drivers are used to connecting your device to the internet, if the drivers are outdated; your pc will fail to connect to the internet. 

So, check if any update is pending for your internet driver and install it.

Ending Lines…..

I resolved my issue by clearing my browser cache and cookies data.

If yours is not resolved by this, try out other ways; restart and power cycle your devices, check server status, and disable/enable VPN software.

If still, you are facing issues with Screambox, don’t hesitate to contact their support.

Screambox App not working; How to Fix?

Clear app cache, ensure that you have proper connectivity with your internet, check server status, and update your device and Screambox app on your device. Failed to fix the issues; uninstall and reinstall the app otherwise contact Screambox support.

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