AudiobooksNow App Not Working, Crashing! (These are Likely The Causes!)

Like me, do you love book reading? Book reading is a good habit, I think, this improves my knowledge and keeps my mind calm! I have a lot of books, but these days, you don’t need to cover extra space in your home, because this is the era of audiobooks.

I love audiobooks as they don’t need to be carried with you, you read or listen to them using several apps.

In my collection of audiobook apps, AudiobooksNow is also included!

I have noticed many issues with the app beforehand!

For a few days, the AudiobooksNow App isn’t working properly, it keeps crashing. Whenever I want to move on to the next chapter, it’s crashing. 

On such issues, I have done deep research! I have found some very honest queries, reviews, and concerns raised by many audiobook lovers. All were suffering from many issues!  

I have found some very firm reasons for issues with the AudiobooksNow app such as login issues, playback issues, etc.

If the AudiobooksNow app is not working or crashing, this could be due to a temporary issue or system failure, corrupted app cache, issues with your internet, outdated version of the app and your device software!

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AudiobooksNow app not working
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Internet Connection 

However, AudiobooksNow allows users to download audiobooks for offline listening, but if you are listening to an audiobook online, a good internet connection is required.

So, turn On airplane mode and turn it off again, other than this, you can try to power cycle your internet connection. 

Just turn off your router and unplug it from the power source, leave for 4 to 5 minutes, replug all the wires and turn On the router. Reconnect your phone to the wifi and launch the app.

Temporary Glitch or System Failure 

Sometimes, the issue could be due to just a temporary glitch or bug, this is the time when you need to wait for a while and relaunch the app.

Temporary system failure could also be a cause sometimes! 

In such cases, waiting could only be your asset! If this happens, the whole app may stop working including all of the app features or a particular feature may stop working.

Wait and try again! If the issue is known by the AudiobooksNow team, they will shout it out soon!

App Cache 

This can’t be ignored! App caches are very important to help in loading the content fast, but when they get corrupted, they cause problems!

Most of the time, clearing the AudiobooksNow app cache resolves the issue with the app and the app starts working again. 

So, I would suggest clearing the AudiobooksNow app cache! 

The process could differ as your phone model and operating system varies! But, I have mentioned a general process to clear the app cache from your Android or iOS phones.

Android phone

  • Access or open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  • Go to Apps then tap on Manage Apps as a second step.
  • Now, search for the AudiobooksNow app and tap on that once it comes in the first place.
  • Look below for the options- Force Stop, Uninstall, and Clear Data. Tap on Clear Data and clear all data and cache.

Relaunch the app and see if this helps to resolve the issue that you were facing or not.

iPhone or iPad

  • Open the ‘Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, scroll down and find the AudiobooksNow app.
  • Tap on the AudiobooksNow app and once again scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Now, tap on the toggle named ‘Clear temp data on next start’.
  • Launch the AudiobooksNow app from the home screen to get rid of its cache.

Note: If the option is not available to clear the cache, you will have only one option then, reinstall the app which will automatically clear the app cache.

Outdated App 

Generally, we forget to check an update for the apps that we once installed on our phones! 

This mistake may come in the future as an issue with the app, and the app may stop working! So, it is a good thing to check for the latest update for the AudiobooksNow app. 

Try to update the app and see if the app is working fine or not, if you are facing any issues in updating the app, you can uninstall then reinstall the app, and it will automatically install the latest version of the app.

Sometimes, updation may fail on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, here are guides that will help you!

How to fix Apps Not Updating on iPhone or iPad?

How to fix Apps Not Updating on Android Phones?

Outdated Version Of Your Device Software

Another cause of the dysfunctionality of apps could be your outdated device software. If any newer version of the software is launched, update the device so that the issue could be resolved.

Sometimes, we ignore an update! This could lead to a problem! 


Corrupted app caches, an outdated version of the app, poor internet, and an outdated version of your device software could be the issues! Sometimes, a temporary system failure or any maintenance work could be an issue! So, to fix the issues with the AudiobooksNow app, check your internet connection, clear the app cache, and update the app. If still, the problem is there, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

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I found help by uninstalling and reinstalling the app!

As additional advice, I would say- “To prevent many audiobook streaming issues with the AudiobooksNow app, you should download the audiobook and listen to it offline. The app provides this feature that could help to prevent many streaming issues.”

I hope, no hurdle is there anymore. Enjoy your audiobook listening!

If you are still in trouble, contact Audiobooks Now

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