Nike Error Code 7E977FCE- How to Fix it?

Nike has a huge gathering on their online platforms such as their apps and websites; from all over the globe.

The company is involved in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.

Nike was founded in 1964 as “Blue Ribbon Sports” and since then it hasn’t stopped. They have tremendously grown to their name. 

As Nike is a big name, it markets its products under its own brand names such as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Nike Blazers, Nike Dunk, Nike Skateboarding, and Nike CR7. Some others are also which is Air Jordan, Air Force 1, Air Max, and Foamposite.

Also, there are some subsidiaries that include Jordan and Converse brands.

Since the brand has a huge range of products, a huge number of people daily come and scroll through its website or app to purchase their stuff.

Despite being a popular brand, users face many issues and errors, and complaints related to the Nike service.

Recently, many users have received an error code 7E977FCE. 

What is Nike error Code 7E977FCE?

What is Nike error Code 7E977FCE

According to some users, this error appears when they want to purchase some stuff and they choose the option to customize the order. So accordingly, this error code indicates that the customization is not available. But, some users have faced this issue even when they have the customization option. 

While some people say that they are not able to order anything because of this error; this error is appearing while ordering the stuff.

So overall, it is not easy to give a precise explanation of the error, as it can arise under many circumstances.

But an assumption could be made that most probably, this error could be a result of Nike system failure or service overload. 

So mentioning a master way to resolve this error code wouldn’t be easy. Yet you could try some steps.

How to fix Nike Error Code 7E977FCE?

How to Fix Nike Error Code 7E977FCE
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Logout and Re-login

Due to some temporary account issues sometimes, the system fails to recognize your details, as a result, it may throw an error. 

So, this would be a good step; Re-login to your account. 

When you do this, a new connection would be established, and if the issue was temporarily due to your account information, it would resolve itself.

To Re-login, you would have to log out from your account first, after that Re-login using the same credentials. 

Now, try ordering your stuff.

Clear Cache & Cookies Data

This could be a precious help as some users have fixed the problem by doing this.

After Re-login, clearing the cache and cookies data would be your second step.

For the Nike app, you could clear the app cache and data and for browsers, you would have to clear your browsing history and data.

To clear the Nike app cache on Android Phones,

Open the Settings app and navigate to the apps option. After finding this, tap on this and then tap on Manage Apps. Type Nike in the search and tap when it appears. Now, clear the app cache and data from here.

On iPhone: Go to Settings >> Select General next select Storage & iCloud Usage >> Under iCloud Usage, select Manage Storage. Now, scroll down until you see the Nike app, select the app, and tap on Clear Data.

Remark: You can see a difference in the steps to clear the app cache sometimes, it could be just because of your phone’s model and version. So overall, you have to clear the cache according to your phone model and version.

If you are searching Nike stuff using its website and getting the error code, then have to clear your browser cache and cookies data. Now here, the steps could also be different according to your device and browser; same as the above.

After clearing the cache and data, see if you are able to use the Nike platform without the error or not. I would suggest trying the next step; if the error is still there.

Update Nike App

Ensure that you are running the newest version of the Nike app on your device. If the app has an older version, there is much possibility of appearing an error.

Update the app and try again. The best and easy way to update an app on your device is by installing and reinstalling that; in my personal opinion.

This is an automatic process to install an updated version of an app; you don’t need to follow many steps.

Use a Different Device 

Your device could be buggy, switching to another device could verify this. Only switch the device- log in with the same details on that device, to log in to your Nike account don’t use a different detail.

If the error is not appearing, it means there was an issue with your device; either it could be an update or something else.

See if everything (Apps and Software) is up to date or not.

Wait and Retry

Since Nike is a global brand having a lot of stuff to shopping, so there are millions of users that can come across the platform to do shopping. If it happens, the possibility to increase the extra load on the Nike server increases. This increased load on the server could be a result of getting error 7E977FCE. 

If for all the products, you are facing the error, it may high chance of the issue from the Nike server.

So, wait for some time; for minutes, hours, or days until the Nike developers fix it, and retry.

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The exact meaning and definition of the error code 7E977FCE aren’t available yet, but as many users said, this is a temporary error that could be a result of Nike’s system failure.

But for some users, this was a temporary issue that was resolved after clearing the app cache or uninstalling and then reinstalling the Nike app.

So, you can try the steps mentioned in this blog post and if the issue is still at your door, contact Nike support without wasting much time.

You can call their support at 1800 102 6453.

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