What is Nike Error Code 1e17f469? How to Fix it?

Many people are facing an error code Nike Error Code 1e17f469 that is appearing when they are trying to access the Nike app or website to order something from it.

This could be a frustrating moment to anyone while you want to add new stuff to your list and due to an error, it is declining.

I’m personally very much a hobbyist of sneakers and shoes and would always like to add one more Nike sneaker to my list.

But what if I can’t, just because of an error code?

Let’s understand better the error Nike Error Code 1e17f469…

Why does the Nike error Code 1e17f469 appear?

Nike error 1e17f469
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Well, the reason for the appearance of the error Nike Error Code 1e17f469 is not clear yet, but the server issue or an overload to the server could be considered as the main cause of this error code.

When there is a huge gathering on the Nike app or website, the server would feel the extra load, and due to that, an error code may appear.

Since the error is a result of server load or issues, you can’t do anything. 

Wait and watch conditions would be applied here.

Also, there could be some other causes that have been confirmed by many users. These are; cache and browsing history, an ad-blocker, and unstable internet.

However, from your end, you can apply some simple acts; these could help and be a solution.

How do you Fix Error Code 1e17f469 on the Nike app or Website?

How to fix Nike error 1e17f469

The error code is not only appearing on the Nike app but on its website too. According to some users, the error has been resolved after doing some other acts rather than waiting. 

So why not you? 

You could also try these acts and see if they help you or not.

But first, you should verify whether there is any server issue with Nike or not.

Check Nike Server

Mainly the error could be a result of an overloaded server or any system failure. So, check the Nike server and ensure that it is real or not. 

To check the Nike server, visit the server detector pages. There are many, you can visit one of them.

I generally use Downdetector. If you are willing, you can visit this platform and type Nike in the search bar and click on search.

If there is any outage, you will see a spike in the graph and also many user comments.

Wait and retry after some time, the error would be resolved and you would be able to do your shopping.

Rather than this, you can try clearing the cache & cookies data of your browser.

Clear Cache & Cookies (App and Browser)

Some users have accepted that the error was a result of their cache & cookies data. When they cleared it, the error code vanished.

However, there are very few possibilities because a bunch of users has said that the issue was due to the Nike system failure.

By the way, you can verify it by clearing your browser cache & cookies data.

If the error is appearing on the Nike app, clear the app cache and see if this helps or not.

To clear browsing data, 

Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the browser screen and then select more and then go to more tools. Next, click on clear browsing data and choose a time range and check the boxes. Finally, click on clear data.

Remark: These steps are for Chrome browsers, for other browsers, these steps could be different. So according to your browser, clear your browsing history and cookies data.

To clear Nike app Cache, 

Android: Tap on the settings and go to the Apps then go to Manage Apps. Now search for Nike and tap on that. From the below, click on clear cache and data.

iPhone and iPad: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to find the Nike app. Next, select the Nike app and once again scroll down. Now, you’ll find a toggle button named ‘Clear temp data on next start’ tap on it to turn it on. Finally, launch the Nike app.

Remark: Remember the steps to clear the app cache and data from your phone could be mismatched according to your device version and model. So the above steps are just a general path. Follow the steps according to your device and clear the app cache & data.

Check The Item If it has already been Sold

Ensure that the item that you have added to your cart or bag has not already been sold. If it has been sold out and you are placing the order after that, this error code could appear.

Also, make sure that the promo code you are entering for your item is valid or not. 

If these all ways fail, there is no other way rather than to contact Nike support.


Error 1e17f469 on Nike is more likely due to a server issue or an extra load on its server. Heavy traffic or a system failure could be a result of this. 

Rarely but, as some other possible cause, you can consider cache & cookies data of your browser or the Nike app. It should be cleared. 

Another cause or you can say that these are just some points that you should pay attention to before going to purchasing anything from Nike is- 

  • Cross-check your credentials, 
  • Check the promo codes that you are applying.
  • See if the item which you are going to purchase has not been sold already.

If everything is right and fair and still you are facing the error, contact the support (Nike).

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