RCA TV Won’t Turn On! (These are Likely the Causes!)

Is your RCA TV not turning On? Like many users, did you face this problem and look for a solution?

This is the time to get detailed information on this problem!

There are many users who have faced or are still facing issues with their RCA TV, the TV isn’t turning on. Even some users are struggling for years and still, they are not able to deal with this issue! 

But the bad time is gone now, it’s time to fix the problem! 

The information in this blog post has worked for many users and they have fixed the issue with their RCA TV 8 out of 10 times.

Sometimes, your TV needs to be inspected by a professional, that’s why the success rate is reduced by 20%, otherwise, it would have been 100%.

Quick Solution

As a quick solution with a success rate of 80%, you can reset your TV. To do this, just unplug your RCA TV from the power source, have patience and hold the plug in your hands or put it anywhere for 60 seconds. It will drain the residual power from your TV. While the unplugged, press and hold the power button on your TV for 30 seconds. 

Make sure to press the power button on your TV, not on your remote. Now, after 60 seconds, put the TV plug into the power source and try to turn On your TV. It should work!

If this doesn’t help, you need to look into other factors! 

RCA TV Won’t Turn On: Possible Causes!

RCA TV Won't Turn On!

If your RCA TV isn’t turning on and you have tried resetting it then, there could be several factors that you need to look into. 

Your Remote Batteries

If resetting your TV didn’t work, no need to worry, check your remote batteries. Take the batteries out and clean them properly, especially the tip points of the batteries. I would suggest rubbing the tip points of the batteries with a dry cloth! Note that, during the removal process of the batteries, press and hold the power button on the remote for 30 seconds. 

Sometimes, some rust or dust enters where batteries are placed, the battery bay, due to which the remote doesn’t get power. 

Properly cleaning the batteries and battery bays and reinserting the batteries can power up the remote again.

Now, try to turn On your TV, it should be! If not, check the next thing.

Power Cords

As the second most common cause, you can consider the power cords to be loosened. Most of the time, it happens, the power cords get loose and you get worried about other factors such as your TV being faulty, etc.

So, from the back side of your TV, remove the power cords, and let them unplug for at least 60 seconds. 

If possible, blow out the cords or clean them with strong air. Sometimes, dust or other particles get stuck with the cords won’t let the power pass properly and your TV won’t turn On.

Now, after waiting 60 seconds, replug the cords properly, and ensure that the cords connected to your TV are not loose, they must be tight and well-connected.

Try to power up your TV, now it should! If not, move to the next and check the input source.

The Input Source

Selection of a correct input source is a must otherwise, your RCA TV won’t turn on! So whatever the device you are using, either a streaming device, a DVD player, or a cable box such as Cox Cable, etc., input source must match the number of ports being used.

There are two methods to select the correct input source:

  1. Using Remote.
  2. Without Remote (Direct from the TV).

Turn on your TV and press the Source button and then, select your desired input mode.

Alternately, turn On the TV and press the Menu button on your TV, navigate the source option using the volume button, and press the Menu button to select the desired input mode.

Yet, the issue is the same, no problem! see the next possible cause! 

The Power Outlet

Until this point, if the problem hasn’t changed then, you need to check the power outlet. You need to plug your TV into a different power outlet or if you don’t want to change your outlet, you can use an extension board. 

Sometimes, outlets may have blown fuse, and we don’t know it! So changing a new outlet or using an extension will confirm whether the issue is with your power outlet or not.

This troubleshooting workaround may save hundreds of dollars if your TV gets turned ON after changing just the power outlet. You will be saved from buying a new TV!

If after changing the power outlet, the situation is unchanged then, the problem could be with the backlight of the TV.


If nothing has changed to this point, it is very possible that the backlight of your RCA TV is defective or broken. 

To verify it, you can do a flashlight test. To do this, you have to power On your TV and bring a flashlight near the TV screen, to see if any image is appearing on the screen. If yes, but it is very faint, the backlight of the is defective or broken, you need to replace it. 

Here is a video guide on how to check whether your TV’s backlight is defective or not.

How to check whether your TV’s backlight is defective or not? Credit- RTHD

If the backlight has no issues, check for the power board, it could be fried! 

Power Board

As the last possible cause, the power board may get fried. To know it, you have to dissemble your TV’s back panel. 

Once you do this, you will see the power board and the motherboard. 

To ensure that the issue is only with the power board, not with the motherboard, you can plug your TV in and turn it On, now detach the cable that connects the motherboard to the power board, from the power board side. If the TV is still lights up, no issues with the power board, instead, you have a bad motherboard. 

If you know how to replace a motherboard or power board, you can purchase a new board and replace the defective one, and If you don’t have an idea about this, I would suggest going to take help from a professional. 

However, motherboards and power boards are so cheap to purchase, if you know the replacement process, you can buy them and replace them on your own!

A good TV repairman can do this in minutes, and your TV will start working fine! 

RCA TV Blue Light Is On, But The TV Won’t Turn On!

A lot of people have this concern, their RCA TV has blue light but refuses to turn On. Let’s understand what this means and how to fix it.

Blue light with no picture or sound means that the main board of your RCA TV has sent out the start-up signal to the PSU (Power Supply) board. Now, you need to know if the power supply board has all the correct output voltages or not. If all is good then, it is the main board! 

To fix this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Menu and Volume buttons on the side of your TV.
  • While holding these two buttons, press the Power button on the side of the TV (NOT on the remote).
  • Here, the Blue light should be ON and stay ON.
  • Next, wait for 10 seconds, and then, let go of the Menu and Volume buttons.
  • Now, wait another 30 seconds, the TV should turn On!

If these steps do not work, perform a reset of your TV. To do this, unplug your RCA TV for 10 minutes and then, hold the power button on the TV for 60 seconds while unplugged and plug it in and turn it on.


If your RCA TV isn’t turning On, you should reset your TV, check your remote’s batteries, reseat the power cord in the back of your TV, check the input source, use a different power outlet, check if the backlight is broken, and check and replace the power board or motherboard.

If you have any doubts, you can contact RCA support, you can visit this link, or can directly call 1-800-968-9853, or If you want to get help through email, you can email them at support@curtiscs.com.

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